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Summer Camp

Besides the inviting weather, what does summer have to offer? At Little Angels Preschool and Childcare, there’s summer camp.

Summer Camp at Little Angels Preschool and Childcare is a fun experience that your child can take part of.  On-site activities include:

  • Tutoring
  • Group Activities
  • Group Sports
  • Arts and Crafts
  • Cooking (Child Chefs Activity)
  • Picnics
  • Leadership Development
  • Basketball Clinic
  • Baseball Clinic
  • Cultural Programs
  • Swimming
  • Field Trips
  • Talent Shows

You can sign up for the next summer camp at Little Angels Preschool and Childcare.  Call 770-968-8089 now and enroll your child to a fun-filled summer.

Summer Camp School Age

Summer is here and we have been working very hard to prepare an active and fun filled program for everyone. Keep reading to find information on all activities that our Summer Campers will be doing this summer!!! Please complete the attached forms and return your child’s teacher as soon as possible. Your child will not be allowed to participate on field trips with out the attached paper work completed..

Enrollment is not complete until the Field Trip Forms have been submitted and payment made. We strongly urge you to give permission and pay your tuition in advance either weekly or monthly.

Field Trips: We will be going on 2 -3 field trips a week this summer. All children are encouraged to attend our field trips. Please note that sometimes we may add or remove field trips due to cancellations beyond our control. Please pay close attention to signs posted and/or checkpoint messages.

T-Shirts: Each child must wear a Little Angels shirt on Field trip days. The cost of the shirts are $25.00 and that also includes a water bottle. This money is due ASAP, no later than Wednesday May 23rd, 2012. If your child comes to Summer Camp on a field trip day with out their shirt, they will not be allowed to participate on that trip.

Water Days: All children MUST bring a towel and bathing suit on water days. Campers should also have a complete change of clothes, labeled with their name, everyday. Water days will be on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays.

Lunch Days: “Bring your own Lunch” (BYOL) will be marked on permission slips, as well as posted on the sign in and out area. Please watch for sign indicating a bag lunch will be necessary.

Toys: DO NOT send any toys to Little Angels unless you have discussed it with a Summer Camp Counselor. Please understand that we cannot be held responsible for any lost or broken toys that have been bought into Little Angels.

Behavior: We will constantly reinforce our rules and the consequences for all the acts that violate the rules. On field trips, the rules become safety factors, so good behavior is very important. Children will be given a warning or a “cool-down” time for inappropriate behavior. If a child is unable to follow directions, a note will be sent home to the parent. The following behaviors will result in loss of field trips: fighting, cursing, bullying, seat belt violations, inappropriate pranks, misbehavior on the bus and being disrespectful.
If your child loses the privileges of a field trip, he/she cannot attend the next scheduled field trip. The Camper may not attend Little Angels if he/she has been suspended from a field trip. Repeated incidences may result in loss of all field trip privileges or disenrollment.

Your child will also need a water bottle so they may have water available at all times, a water bottle is included with your child’s t-shirt.
Chaperones are always welcome to accompany Little Angels on field trips. If you have any questions feel free to contact the office or Ms. Tiffany.

Field trip policy: All field trips are scheduled to leave at a specific time. Please take not to all posted signs and/or checkpoint messages regarding any leave times. If your child is not here by the specified time, unfortunately, we will not be able to wait. Also, because of verified numbers and confirmations, no one will be allowed to drop off their child at the field trip location. This is for everyone’s personal safety.

Here’s to a fun and safe summer. Thanks for making our program your summer camp choice.

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